Developology (Podcast) – Along with my co-host Sebastiaan, I run a podcast about software development and related fields. It covers news, discussions, interviews and in-depth topics each episode. It’s mostly an excuse for me to keep up-to-date on my industry, connect with new and interesting people, and learn about important topics.

Apptastic Reviewers (Podcast) – I’m a regular co-host on a podcast discussing and reviewing iOS apps on the TechJives network.

Mend Pet (Website) – A special-interest WordPress-based World of Warcraft blog and website.  I worked on Mend Pet for almost 2 years, in its prime the blog had about 500 subscribed readers, and has broken 150,000 visits.  It’s been a valuable experience, and I’ve learned a lot about community, writing, WordPress theme development and website maintenance. Mend Pet is on unofficial permanent hiatus (as I’m no longer playing World of Warcraft.)

Javascript Colour Picker (Webpage, IE Only) – A tool I developed while working at the Canada Revenue Agency in 2007 to help pick colours for new website layouts.  Artistic creativity isn’t my strong point, and I wanted to have something that would easily let me see how different colours looked together quickly.  It’s made almost exclusively with CSS, so compatibility is a major issue – since we only had access to Internet Explorer 5 at the time, it’s compatibility is an issue.

Geopardy! (Flash) – I created this small flash program for my Earth Science class in high school.  It was used as part of a presentation on global warming, so it doesn’t “play” like Jeopardy, but instead was a tool used to help present while we played the game with a “live audience” (the class).

The Nebulator (Flash) – This was another project for my Earth Science class.  It was my final project, and its purpose was to educate on what Nebulae are.  It includes a section with news articles, a section which allows the user to navigate through the sky and get information on various nebulae, and also includes a simple game I created.

Robotics Reports (COMP4807) – I took a Mobile Robot Programming during my final year at Carleton, and have made the reports and videos related to the course available here.

Honours Project: Robot Tracker Improvements – Using an overhead camera, I designed a set of tags to track the direction and movements of robots in the Carleton robotics lab.  I also made many improvements to the tracking software to make it more usable and accurate.