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Army Run 2011 – My First 5K

This spring, I started running.  I started with the Couch to 5K program, which I’d begun but never finished in the Fall.  It was pretty obvious that I hadn’t really run for any duration since my grade 9 mandatory gym class 10 years ago. After a long and busy summer of working at it, I Read More

Math class makeover

I’ve always loved math. Along with physics, it’s been one of the academic subjects that’s kept me interested for as many years as I’ve been able to grasp the concepts. However, while it did cross my mind, I didn’t minor in either subject…. I didn’t even really take any electives. Most likely, it’s because of Read More

What’s better than hot chocolate?

What’s better than hot chocolate?  Hot chocolate with stuff in it! Hot chocolate is probably my favourite drink.  There’s nothing like a rich, creamy mug of hot chocolate to warm you up in the winter, or, um, keep you warm in the cool of the air conditioned summer!  Some how, I ended up in a Read More

The Mind of a Web Developer has posted a great diagram detailing the parts of a web developers brain – although they seem to have left out the part that has a miniature seizure when you discover /* Magic stuff begins here */ comments in code. Read More

Things My iPhone Has Replaced

Calendar GPS device Calculator Instant messenger TV Guide Kitchen timer Weather channel Shopping list To-do list Blizzard Authenticator device iPod Alarm clock Nintendo DS Flashlight My independence Read More

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