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I recently changed the way my hosting accounts are set up for my websites, merging them into one account.  Unfortunately, when the GoDaddy rep called me to offer me this deal, I wasn’t at home and I wasn’t able to backup the contents of the hosting account I was cancelling. “Sure, it’ll all still be Read More

Essays and English Class

As you can tell by my hobby of blogging, I like to write.  So one would expect English to be one of my favourite classes of all going through high school. But it wasn’t. I actually enjoyed a great amount of the subject matter of English, that’s not why I didn’t like it.  I just Read More

12 Tips to Improve Blog Usability

By no means do I consider myself an expert in the field of blogging.  In fact, after I began blogging a little more than a year ago, I did a lot of searching around for tips and advice.  Unfortunately, a lot of it comes off as preachy or condescending.  It also often is about how Read More

My Personal Slide Rule

Being raised in the 90s was interesting, as far as measurements go. You see, my parents were taught prior to the 1970s, when Canada wasn’t using the metric system.  However, by the time I went to school the metric system was part of the curriculum.  As a result, I learned metric in school but all Read More

Get “Getting Things Done” Done with WSD

I’m a big fan of organization.  In fact, organization will always be both my love and hate, as I always try to become more organized, but always seem to end up less.  But I follow a few blogs to help me with some creative ideas that I always plan to implement someday, when my life Read More

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