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Making of the Star Trek Enterprise Wedding Cake

Originally posted on Indulgence Bakery. I have always been a big Star Trek fan.  When a customer contacted me about making a Star Trek themed cake for their wedding, I jumped at the opportunity!  It was quite a fun project, although it certainly had a few challenges.  After all, the ship was designed for space travel, Read More

Pirate Treasure Chest Cake

June is birthday month!  Did you know?  Practically everyone I know has a birthday in June.  And so I found myself knee deep in icing sugar, and the month sort of blurred by. Lily decided on a pirate-themed beach birthday party.  We picked a park and planned a pretty sweet party, if I do say Read More

Game of Thrones “Red Wedding” Cake

I have a friend (or several, actually) who is a huge Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire fan.  When her birthday was approaching and I started planning out her birthday cake, I was pretty sure I’d do something GoT related.  Maybe something simple, like a house crest of one of her favourite houses. Oh, Read More

Cake Decorating

When I started planning our wedding last fall, I was overwhelmed by how darn expensive everything is.  $600 for a wedding cake?  It’s just a cake!  I can make a cake! And so, half-jokingly, I decided I would make the wedding cake myself.  Partly because of sticker-shock, partly because then I could wait until the Read More

My Whole30 Experience

Many months ago, I became part of an online fitness community which has been a great place for me to learn and build my knowledge as a fitness enthusiast.  It’s where I learned the great feeling of picking up heavy things and then putting them back down.  It’s where I got advice and encouragement as Read More

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