Scott Fletcher on Developology

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Do you know about Developology? It’s the podcast I host with Sebastiaan van Dijk about software development! We’ve only done a few episodes so far, but this one was particularly special so I wanted to make a note of it. This week, we had our first interview episode – Scott Fletcher joined us to talk about his career path and his insights as a arts-major-turned-developer-turned-CEO.

I realized shortly before we started that while I’ve started to become more and more comfortable recording podcasts over the last few months, this was the first time I was in the interviewer seat, which made me a bit nervous.  It’s one thing to have a co-host who you can talk back and forth about, but having to direct questions and follow a line as it comes is a different skill completely!  Luckily, Scott is a wonderful and understanding interviewee, with insightful responses and he even turned the tables a few times asking questions of us in return.

I recommend you have a listen if for no reason more than to hear the smooth sounds of Mr. Fletcher’s voice as he predicts the future and asks why there are so many programming languages.

You can listen directly to the MP3, or find us on iTunes if you’d like to hear me clumsily try to turn every design pattern into a car metaphor!