What’s better than hot chocolate?

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What’s better than hot chocolate?  Hot chocolate with stuff in it! Hot chocolate is probably my favourite drink.  There’s nothing like a rich, creamy mug of hot chocolate to warm you up in the winter, or, um, keep you warm in the cool of the air conditioned summer!  Some how, I ended up in a Twitter discussion about the wonders of putting-things-in-hot-chocolate this morning, and I got some tasty ideas.  There’s no need to keep deliciousness a secret, so I decided I’d share my newly updated list of things-to-put-in-hot-chocolate!

  1. Marshmallows. This is a classic, although I haven’t done it in years.  Something about how the marshmallows get warm and a bit soggy with chocolate-y goodness… Mmm!  Extra points if they’re mini-marshmallows!
  2. Cookies. We’ve all had cookies & milk.  But have you tried cookies & hot chocolate?  It’s delicious.  Dunk some crunchy chocolate chip cookies into your hot chocolate and you’ll be rewarded with warm, soft, double chocolate cookies in return.
  3. Coffee. Or is putting hot chocolate in my coffee?  Hmm.  Well anyway, it’s delicious.  At my most frequented Tim Horton’s, I just ask them for a “half-and-half”, and they know what it means.  Gives you that kick of caffeine with the sweet goodness of chocolate without the extra cost of a cafe mocha!
  4. Ice cream. I’ve yet to try this one, but how could it be bad?  Just a scoop of your favourite flavour – I’m thinking some butterscotch swirl or even a good French Vanilla.
  5. Bailey’s Irish Cream. Probably the best known of the alcoholic additions, and for a good reason.  Extra creamy goodness makes this a tasty dessert!  Don’t be afraid to try the different flavours too – mint chocolate, anyone?
  6. Butterscotch Schnapps. This was a pleasant discovery due to having a leftover bottle of the stuff from expirmenting with Harry Potter butter beer recipes.
  7. Raspberry vodka. I’ve always been a bit iffy of the fruit+chocolate combo, but something about this is very appealing to me…  (Maybe it’s the vodka?) Either way, I’ve got a new one to try, thanks to the Twitterati!

And there you have it – my collection of hot chocolate modifications.  I’m sure there’s an endless list of others, and I am making it my personal mission to discover as many as I can!